About Advanced Flight Systems

Started in 1999, Advanced Flight Systems is a classic family entrepreneurial story. An electrical engineer with software expertise, founder/owner Rob Hickman created an engine monitor for the RV-4 he was building. Other local builders expressed interest, and a company was born. After almost two decades of innovation, Advanced Flight Systems is now part of the Dynon family of companies. For his contributions to the industry through Advanced Flight Systems, Rob Hickman was inducted into the EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame in 2017.

Today, Advanced Flight Systems is the premier, concierge-class provider of avionics solutions for your experimental aircraft. We’re the only panel-crafter that makes everything ourselves, including the avionics, software, panel, harnesses, and even the power and wiring distribution system. When you choose Advanced, you benefit from over 20 years of innovations that propelled us from our beginnings as a family business to the trusted company we are today. Let our expert pilots, advisors, and support staff help you every step of the way as we design and build an ADVANCEDPANEL that is worthy of your aircraft.

Our History

Advanced Flight Systems has been bringing innovative design to the cockpit for homebuilders for 20 years.

April 2018

Advanced Control Module with Electronic Circuit Breakers

The most innovative new product in avionics gains EFIS-controllable electronic circuit breakers.

April 2016

Advanced AF-5700

Featuring an all-touchscreen interface, the AF-5700 is the most compact form-factor 12” EFIS display available.

August 2014

ADVANCEDPANEL (Quick Panels)and Advanced Control Module

The first truly turnkey avionics solution that offers avionics, the instrument panel, aircraft systems control, and more, all from a single company that is able to design and manufacture it all. Every QuickPanel features the Advanced Control Module - the world’s first comprehensive power and wiring power distribution center for your aircraft’s electrical system, avionics, headsets, aircraft lights, autopilot servos, trim servos, flap motor, control sticks, and panel switches.

July 2013

Dynon Acquires Advanced Flight Systems

Advanced Flight Systems continues to operate as an independent subsidiary of Dynon.

March 2013

Advanced AF-5800

The first 12” EFIS display available for homebuilt aircraft.


Advanced AF-5000 series

Advanced’s next-generation avionics platform debuts, with 10.1” and 8.4” versions available.


Advanced AF-4000 Series

Synthetic Vision makes its debut on Advanced products.


Advanced AF-3000 Series

The AF-3000 series was Advanced’s first offering of primary flight instruments and multi-function displays.


Angle of Attack

Advanced is ahead of the curve, offering the standalone AOA Pro and Sport products. The same capabilities are featured in every EFIS system Advanced has offered since.

April 2002

ACS 2002 / AF-2500

The product that started it all. The ACS 2002 was the first engine monitor commercially available from Advanced.

September 1999

The Prototype

The original prototype. After seeing this in Rob’s RV, other local builders demanded that he make engine monitors for their planes. AFS was born.