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Have questions about our ADVANCEDPanels?

As a subsidiary of Dynon, we are the only panel shop that builds your panel AND manufactures most of the equipment in it. This provides several key advantages:

• Since we are the avionics manufacturer, we have a unique understanding of how the components work and how to best integrate them into your panel.
• Other panel shops are just dealers in the components in your panel. They must buy parts from avionics manufacturers, mark them up, and then sell them to you as part of your panel. Because we are the manufacturer of most of the products in your panel and buy very few outside parts, we are able to pass those savings on to you.
• In short, we are a one-stop service for your panel AND the components within it.

Most panel shops build what they call a “Plug and Play” panel. What they are really doing is most of the wiring that you would have to do - for you. They are assembling a panel pretty much the same way you would, just with more experience and probably better tools.

With an ADVANCEDPANEL, thanks to the AFS Advanced Control Module, we build you a panel that eliminates much of the wiring altogether. Not only is your initial install far easier but when the time comes that you want (or need) to make a change to your panel, it’s a minutes-long process instead of hours of wiring and unwiring. If you need to remove a component from your panel, you merely take it out and unplug its harness from the ACM module. This makes the service or replacement of any part a snap. If and when you’re ready to upgrade your panel (i.e. add an IRF Navigator) just call AFS to purchase the new part and the harness, bolt the new piece in, plug the harness into the ACM and you’re ready to go. We can even help you plan your initial panel cutout to accommodate a future upgrade.

The heart of every ADVANCEDPANEL, the Advanced Control Modules is the world’s first comprehensive power and wiring power distribution center for your aircraft’s electrical system, avionics, headsets, aircraft lights, autopilot servos, trim servos, flap motor, control sticks, and panel switches. All of these connect to the ACM to allow a completely “plug and play” installation, saving the builder hundreds of hours of wiring, crimping, troubleshooting and frustration.

The Advanced Control Module is available in two versions.: The ACM-ECB (Electronic Circuit Breaker) offers EFIS-based monitoring and control of your aircraft’s electrical system. The ACM is also available with conventional style fuses.

Just call or email our ADVANCEDPANEL team. After gathering information about your plane, the parts you may already have and what kind of panel you want, you will be sent a detailed quote listing all the parts (with detailed pricing) that will be included in your ADVANCEDPANEL.

You will work with our designers and engineers to craft your dream panel. If you need some inspiration, we can send pictures of ADVANCEDPANEL that we’ve already done for your aircraft type. If you want to plan a panel with a future upgrade in mind - we can do that too. This usually means a VFR panel with a cutout for a future IFR navigator, or maybe a panel with a single-screen EFIS with the plan to add a second screen.

Once you have approved the design, your panel is laser-cut, powder coated and silkscreened. This process can take several weeks, during which we are building your harnesses and assembling, testing and calibrating your panel components. We also send you the components that you will need to install (engine sensors, autopilot servos, ADAHRS, etc) so that you can be ready when your ADVANCEDPANEL arrives.

Because our backlog is always changing, that’s a tough question to answer. Your panel will take about 8-12 weeks once we have a final design. To get a current timeframe, just give us a call.

Your ADVANCEDPANEL will arrive carefully packaged, along with any other components that were part of your order. With it will be a detailed packing list showing each part, by part number (and serial number, when applicable), to make taking an inventory of your shipment easy.

Our ADVANCEDPANEL Manual has step by step instructions for installing the components, wiring your aircraft systems (lights, boost pump, flaps, …) and testing the system.

Of course! Most people updating an existing panel don’t need to replace EVERYTHING. We can integrate the parts you want to keep into your new ADVANCEDPANEL, as long as they are compatible. We may even be able to help you upgrade some of your old parts towards new components.

Yes, each ADVANCEDPANEL comes with a packet of drawings, including wiring diagrams. There is also a complete installation guide online HERE.

Yes, you can! If you really want to make your own panel we offer the “Panel-less AcvancedPanel”. You get everything that comes with an ADVANCEDPANEL, just without the actual panel. We still make all the harnesses and assemble, test and calibrate all the components just like every other ADVANCEDPANEL.

Advanced EFIS Displays

Have questions about the newest EFISs from Advanced Flight Systems?

Some previous generation Advanced EFIS displays had self-contained ADAHRS and engine monitoring components inside. However, current generation products, including the AF-5000 series utilize various modules and accessories to perform different avionics functions. For example, primary flight instruments require an SV-ADAHRS-200, engine monitoring functions require a SV-EMS-220 and related sensors. Moving map and VFR GPS navigator features require a GPS position source, such as the SV-GPS-250 or SV-GPS-2020.

General Considerations
In general, clean Advanced Flight Systems (AFS) displays with a clean, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber towel. Do not use abrasive materials, especially on the viewable areas of the screen.

AFS displays are not water-resistant and are not fully sealed against moisture ingress. Therefore, for all of the cleaning recommendations below, never spray or excessively wet displays, especially around buttons, knobs, and other seams that might allow water entry. Water damage to AFS displays is not covered under warranty.

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Viewable Display Area
The viewable area of AFS displays contains various anti-glare and/or anti-reflective treatments that will be harmed by general-purpose cleaning agents. Do NOT use cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach, or other general-purpose cleaning agents. These cleaners will damage the protective screen coatings.

To clean the viewable area of AFS displays, commercially-available wipes that are designed for use on computer screens are suitable and effective. Note that these wipes may not be appropriate for sanitizing/disinfecting. Refer to manufacturer guidelines for their use.

To sanitize/disinfect the viewing area of AFS displays, use only a 70% or greater isopropyl alcohol solution with a clean, lint-free cloth. The screen must remain wet for at least 30 seconds to effectively sanitize the surface.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Buttons, Bezels, Knobs, and Module
To clean soiled surfaces other than the viewable display, including buttons, bezels, and knobs, and other modules, use a slightly damp cloth moistened with water or a mild soap/water solution. Remove soap residue with a fresh water-damped cloth. Do NOT use cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach, or other general-purpose cleaning agents. These cleaners may damage the surface finish of your products.

To sanitize/disinfect buttons, bezels, and knobs, use a 70% or greater isopropyl alcohol solution with a clean, lint-free cloth. Surfaces must remain wet for at least 30 seconds to effectively sanitize the surface.