ACM and ADVANCEDPANEL Options Compared

There are three ways to incorporate the ACM into an aircraft to save time, simplify installation, and enhance safety.
Learn the differences between ADVANCEDPANEL Complete, ADVANCEDPANEL BYOPanel, and the ACM Jumpstart Kit in the table below:


Product Overview The most affordable way to install the ACM. Begin with the ACM Jumpstart Kit - available from both Dynon and Advanced. It contains the ACM and the core set of harnesses needed in every aircraft. Then, use the ADVANCEDPANEL Store to finish your system with ACM-specific harnesses and remaining components. BYOPanel = “Build Your Own Panel”. We work with you to configure your complete avionics package, including configured displays, modules, and customized harnesses. They arrive ready to plug and play into the included ACM and mount in your panel. A complete panel, featuring the ACM, ready to install into your aircraft. ADVANCEDPANEL Complete starts with our expert personalized design services and ends with a drop-in, integrated panel that cuts hundreds of hours off your project. You dream up your perfect panel; we do the rest.
Builder Type The budget-conscious builder that still wants the features and benefits of the ACM, but is comfortable selecting, installing, and configuring their avionics system. The builder who wants all the advantages of an ADVANCEDPANEL - plug and play installation, tailored harnesses, and complete system pre-configuration - but prefers to design and cut their own panel. They like crafting metal but want as much help as possible configuring avionics and speeding their install. The builder who wants a complete, custom panel, tailored to their aircraft and mission, fully configured, ready to install.
Install Speed
Time Saved
Comprehensive harnesses available from manufacturer
Modules connect with convenient SkyView Network Cables
Advanced Control Module (ACM) with Electronic Circuit Breakers
ACM harnesses connect all avionics components YOU CHOOSE
Airframe harnesses between ACM and aircraft electrical accessories AVAILABLE * * *
SV-ARINC-429 module included in ACM
Expanded SV Network Hub (4 ports + AP servos) in ACM
Pre-wired panel switches with low-voltage ACM Interface OPTIONAL
Complete avionics system designed by our experts
System fully bench-tested with your actual equipment and harnesses, including 3rd party IFR Navigators
Custom designed, CNC manufactured instrument panel

Fully finished ADVANCEDPANEL Complete: Dynon/AFS avionics mounted and configured in panel, ready to install in aircraft

How To Purchase visit Set up an appointment for a phone or video system consultation, or call our team any time at 503-263-0037 to get started.

* Currently available for RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, RV-10, and RV-14 airframes.

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* Currently available for RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, RV-10, and RV-14 airframes.