ACM Jumpstart Kit

The ACM Jumpstart Kit is the most affordable way to install the ACM in an aircraft, providing a solid well-engineered foundation for your aircraft’s electrical system and panel wiring.

The ACM Jumpstart Kit is ideal for the budget-conscious builder that wants the features and benefits of the ACM, but is comfortable selecting, installing, and configuring their avionics system.

The ACM Jumpstart Kit comes with the ACM and core set of harnesses needed in every aircraft. Then, builders can use the ADVANCEDPANEL Store to finish their system with ACM-specific harnesses and remaining components.

ACM Jump Start Kit includes:
  • Advanced Control Module with Electronic Circuit Breakers
  • ACM to Skyview EFIS or AF-6000 EFIS Main Harnesses 24”
  • ACM to Transponder, ADS-B, GPS Harness

  • ACM to Skyview Dual Backup Battery Harness (Dynon Only)
  • SV-NET Cable for ACM to EFIS 24”
  • ACM Aircraft Connector Kit