AF-4000 / AF-3400S / AF-3500S SERIES DATA

The following United States and Territories data is released on the FAA standard 28 day AIRAC cycle. This is the most comprehensive data available for the US, including current airports, airspaces, and obstacles. The best part is it's free!

Aviation/Obstacles Database

AF-3/4000 Series require 3 map files (AF2MAP**.AFM, AF2TER**.AFM, AF2VEC**.AFM). You will need the full download if you are missing AF2TER**.AFM or AF2VEC**.AFM.

Version Full Download Map Only Valid Dates
Map Data Files (Map, Terrain, Vectors) AF2, MV16
Map Data Update AF2, MV16
US Aviation Database Valid: June 13 - July 10 (Cycle: 2406)
US Obstacle Database Valid: May 16 - July 10 (Cycle: 2403)

Aviation/Obstacles Database

PocketFMS AeroData provide all the important reference objects required by a VFR pilot and shown on paper charts - and a lot more. Unlike paper charts, PocketFMS data provides seamless, worldwide coverage, and can be refreshed at any time, any number of times. Data is organized into ICAO Flight Information Regions (FIRs, ARTCCs in the USA), which for ease of download are also grouped into the major geographic regions - Europe, Continental USA, Canada, and Australasia.
Works with the AF-3000s, AF-4000s, AF-5000 Series
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Jeppesen avionic data powers all Advanced Flight EFIS models. Providing you with vital knowledge of airport features, runway characteristics, communications information, waypoint features, VORs, NDBs and a comprehensive set of boundaries for controlled/restricted airspace. As well as obstacle data consists of man-made features such as cell phone towers, radio towers, buildings, cranes and ships. Updating your avionics data is easy with Included Services Update Manager (JSUM).
Works with the AF-3/4/5000 Series S and Non-S, ask for Advanced Deck Data
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