Advanced Flight launched our AF-3400 and AF-3500 multi-function displays with EFIS capability in March of 2006.

Update your AF-3000 Non-'s' Series system software

Version: 7.05.00-MV15-AV40

Updated: 10/30/2015

Simplified Installation

  1. Perform a fresh format of your software installation SD Card by following this TUTORIAL.
  2. Copy ONLY the AF3000.AFE from the downloaded zip file onto the SD Card.
  3. Eject the SD Card before removing it from your computer.
  4. Insert the SD Card with the EFIS powered off; then apply master power.
  5. Verify the software version has been upgraded this should take no longer than 10 minutes.
  6. Once upgraded, power off the EFIS and remove the SD Card.
  7. Reinstall the Map Data card if applicable.

After Installation

  1. Verify that you have loaded Map Version 15 mapping database if Mapping is installed.
  2. Verify that ARINC Version 4.0 is installed if an ARINC adapter is installed in aircraft.
  3. Depending on upgrade version, NAV source settings may need re-configuration, see manual.
  4. After upgrading verify that your settings have not been altered.
  5. If you have any problems or issues with these processes please contact Advanced Flight Support.

What's New: AF-3000 Non-'s' Software Release Notes

Version Date Released Changes
V7.05.00-MV15 10/30/2015

  • Changed AHRS network output for use with AF-5000 systems

V7.04.00-MV15 11/12/2013

  • Minor fixes for VOR glideslope.

V7.03.11-MV15 01/09/2012

  • Fixed FADEC HP divide by 2 problem.

V7.03.11-MV15 10/11/2010

  • Cleaned up some issues in loopback test.
  • Fixed Flight director activity.
  • Fixed valid GPS source lookup function.
  • Fixed problems with Serial Port 2 timing.
  • Fixed potential problem with DUARTs and 4800baud.
  • Fixed problem with ARINC being on port1.

V7.03.10-MV15 10/07/2010

  • Removed restrictions on serial port 2 for use as nav source.

V7.03.09-MV15 10/06/2010

  • Fixed Serial Port #2 only Encoder.

V7.03.08-MV15 09/30/2010

  • Fixed Australia timezone problem.

Software Installation Instructions

Be sure to record all calibration settings before upgrading to the latest version. Download and read the following Instructions before continuing.


Updated: 8/10/2010