Advanced Control Module

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Speed up aircraft systems installation by hundreds of hours. The Advanced Control Module (ACM) is a groundbreaking avionics control center that revolutionizes aircraft electrical system management. It seamlessly integrates and automates a wide range of common aircraft avionics, wiring, and electrical peripherals to save time, simplify installation, and enhance safety. All systems connect to the ACM with customized harnesses, enabling a “plug and play” avionics installation while saving hundreds of hours of wiring, crimping, troubleshooting and frustration.

Safety-Enhancing Electronic Circuit Protection

Each aircraft system is protected by a dedicated electronic circuit breaker (ECB) within the ACM that is customized in software to meet device load and circuit requirements. The SkyView or AFS avionics system continuously monitors the entire electrical system for faults and allows pilots to view comprehensive information about all circuits and systems. The ACM also allows traditional high current-carrying panel switches and wires to be replaced by safer, low-voltage panel-mounted switches that are available with internal lighting.

Centralized Power and Data Distribution

The ACM serves as the central power distribution hub for the aircraft's electrical system, consolidating power for avionics, headsets, aircraft lights, autopilot servos, trim servos, flap motors, control sticks, and low voltage panel switches. The ACM works with a comprehensive line of pre-made, aircraft and product-specific ACM harnesses that connect all aircraft avionics and ancillary systems, simplifying wiring and installation.

Simplify Installation and Save Time

AMC-specific harnesses connect everything together in a plug and play fashion, dramatically reducing the time it takes to bring a panel to life. This plug and play design also simplifies aircraft wiring and troubleshooting. The ACM’s modular design also facilitates future upgrades as your aircraft mission changes.

Enhanced Avionics Functionality

The ACM goes beyond electrical distribution and protection, offering a host of advanced avionics features that would otherwise require separate components. These include:

  • 27 dedicated channels of solid-state electronic circuit protection with circuit-level current monitoring and control. Circuits can be physically switched or electronically controlled from Dynon/AFS displays.
  • Built-in SV-ARINC-429 module
  • Multi-step flap positioning system
  • Airspeed-controlled wig-wag lighting
  • Panel switch backlight dimmer
  • Multi-Axis Trim Interface (requires SV-AP-PANEL)
  • Expanded SV Network Hub (4 ports + AP servos)
  • Low voltage panel switch interface with support for in-switch lighting
  • Control stick interface
  • Alternator over-voltage protection, with single or dual alternator support

How To Purchase The ACM

Want the ACM in your aircraft? There are 3 ways to purchase it, depending on your build preference.