The ACS 2002 is a complete aircraft monitoring and data acquisition system designed for aircraft with 4 or 6 cylinder engines. The system continuously monitors and displays all aircraft engine data on a sunlight readable color LCD display, and checks current engine readings against user-adjustable set points. Unlike other systems, the display can be customized to the user's preference. Any of the standard instruments can be eliminated or added to the screen.

Update your ACS 2002 / AF-2500 system software

See Release Notes for update history and details. This software works with all ACS2002 and AF-2500 units, A03 and A04, vertical and horizontal. Users of vertical orientation should now go to the Administrative Settings section of the calibration menu and select "vertical".

AF-2500 Firmware v3.3.7 All versions

AF-2500 PC Programming Software v3.0.5

Before Upgrading

  • Download and extract the firmware to your Desktop.
  • Record all calibration settings before upgrading to the latest version.
  • After upgrading verify that your settings have not been altered.

What's New: AF-3000 Non-'s' Software Release Notes

Version Date Released Changes
Version 3.3.7 08/06/07

  • Removed BETA Tag.

Version 3.3.7 BETA 06/11/07

  • Fixed double speed update bug for fuel computer.

Version 3.3.6 BETA 06/08/07

  • Changed Fuel Flow to a running 2 second average.
  • Reduced update times for all but fuel flow and egt during peak.

Version 3.3.5 BETA 03/28/07

  • Reduced averaging on EGT and Fuel Flow to improve responsiveness..

Version 3.3.4 BETA 01/10/07

  • Reduced averaging on EGT and Fuel Flow to improve responsiveness.

Version 3.3.3 BETA 12/28/06

  • Improved Split Bar Gauge Label swapping without sacrificing overall performance.

Version 3.3.2 BETA 12/28/06

  • Fixed Single Volts gauge problem.
  • Fixed Enable/Disable of Dual Voltage in Calibration

Version 3.3.1 BETA 09/08/06

  • Modified split bar gauge to ensure even display times for the digital readings.

Version 3.3.0 BETA 06/02/06

  • Added gauge support for Dual Voltage using modified Flaps input for Volts#2.
  • Changed fuel tank label from ‘FUEL’ to ‘TANKS’.

Version 3.2.9 BETA 04/11/06

  • Fixed ARNAV Fuel Flow Output Problem.
  • Removed Air Data Dependency for Chelton Data Output Mode.

Version 3.2.2 11/04/05

  • Fixed Flap gauge reversal problem.
  • Split trim into 2 curves to achieve full travel for non-centered motors.

Version 3.2.1 10/11/05

  • Added multi-line curve approximation for Carb Temp channel for both Westach and 150degC, VDO thermistors.
  • Added CARB, COWL, INLET, WATER labels for Carb Temp channel.
  • Added units designator for Carb Temp channel.
  • Fixed CHT display to allow less CHT probes than cylinders for engines like the Rotax 912.
  • Fixed cylinder peak identification problem exposed in Version 3.1.9.

Version 3.1.9 09/23/05

  • Increased text size of digital readings on EGT/CHT gauge.

Version 3.1.8 09/20/05

  • Added noise filtering for RPM.
  • Reduced RPM average to 1/2 sec to improve performance.
  • Added units designator to OAT display.

Version 3.1.7 09/20/05

  • Added calibration section for Turbine Inlet Temp (TIT) independently of EGT.

Version 3.1.6 09/13/05

  • Enhanced response time of Manifold pressure gauge.
  • Enhanced Engine off response time for fuel tank level gauges.

Version 3.1.5 09/01/05

  • Added “Carbon Monoxide” and “Check Brake” to the User Input audio selection.
  • Added “Carbon Monoxide”, “Check Carb Temp”, “Check Turbine Temp”, and “Check Manifold” to audio alarms.

Version 3.1.4 08/30/05

  • Added “Check Landing Gear” to the User Input audio selection.
  • Added sound selector to Sound Test section of calibration.
  • Added “Check Fuel Remaining” and “Check RPM” to audio alarms.

Version 3.1.3 08/22/05

  • Calibration data now stored in Flash memory as well as battery-backed memory for improved data redundancy.
  • Fuel flow output in ARNAV format for GPS systems.
  • Fuel computer enhancements: Fuel Economy, Fuel at Destination, and Fuel required for Destination (when connected to NMEA-0183 compliant GPS).
  • Changed Fuel Computer error messages to 'FUEL ERROR' and 'FUEL REM'.
  • Made calibration pages loop in both directions.
  • Changed RPM digital reading to read true RPM above maximum setting.
  • Fixed Fuel Computer crosscheck warning acknowledgment problem.
  • Added ‘SPOILER’ to label options for flap gauge.

Version 3.0.4 04/15/05

  • Enhanced Fuel Flow units selector to automatically convert all associated fuel calibration settings to the appropriate units (i.e. gallons and liters).
  • Added unit conversion routines for OAT, Carb Temp, Oil Temp, EGT/CHT, Fuel Computer, and Fuel tank gauges.
  • Engine Horsepower now displayed in whole horsepower and percentage of horsepower.
  • Flap and Trim gauge now available on checklist screen.
  • Enhanced checklist library now includes 29 page headings and 238 line items.
  • Screen orientation now configurable from the calibration screen. Separate firmware for horizontal and vertical orientation is no longer needed.
  • Auto-detect of A03 and A04 board revision. Separate firmware for A03 and A04 boards no longer needed.
  • Secondary yellow band now available for RPM gauge to accommodate prop operation restrictions.
  • RPM and Manifold gauge positions can now be swapped.
  • Firmware upgrade date stored and displayed on time screen.
  • Data storage sample rate now configurable from 1 second to 60 seconds per recording. This yields 26 minutes of 1-second resolution data all the way up to 26 hours of 60-second resolution data storage.
  • ZULU time display available on main screen.
  • Administrative Settings section added to calibration screen and Restore Factory Settings now password protected to avoid accidental overwriting of system specific calibration settings.

Software Installation Instructions

Be sure to record all calibration settings before upgrading to the latest version. Download and read the following Instructions before continuing.


Updated: 8/10/2010