AFS engineers have spent over 2,000 hours and counting of actual flight time in VFR and IFR conditions to develop a superior pilot interface. To keep up with software, with new features, updates and development. Why not check back every 28 days when you update your map databases.

Update your AF-5000 system software

Software updates for the AF-5000 will be posted on this page as they become available. Keeping your EFIS installed with the latest software will ensure you have the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes.

We always recommend having a backup of all system files. Backing up before installing software is a great time to update your backups. If you have any problems or issues with these processes please contact Advanced Flight Support.

Download and extract the software onto your prepared USB Media. Your media should now be on the root directory.

AF-5000 Touch Displays (OS5):

Updated: 05/20/2022

AF-5000 Original Displays (OS1): X12.08.10-MV16

Updated: 05/09/2018

After Installation Information

  • When updating 74109 transponder software you MUST power cycle the transponder when prompted.
  • If you see SV-NETWORK NEEDS UPDATE enter calibration with SET -> Hold CAL -> Advanced SV Network. Power up any OFFLINE device such as servos then press UPDT.
  • Verify your Serial Port #0 is set properly with SET -> Hold CAL -> Admin Settings -> Port #0
    • If you have an AF-AHRS (Red Box) or XBOW AHRS (Gold Magnetometer) use AHRS Function to select the installed device.
    • Also if you found the setting to be incorrect also verify the AHRS Module Config setting.
  • Verify your AOA Source on ALL displays are set properly with SET -> Hold CAL -> Admin Settings -> AOA Module Config.
    • If the AOA tubes run into the SV-ADAHRS select HW: SV-NET
    • If the AOA tubes run into the EFIS select HW: WING
    • If the AOA tubes run into a different EFIS select HW: OFF NET: RXD
  • Verify that you have loaded the latest mapping database if Mapping is installed.
  • Verify that ARINC Version 4.0 is installed if an AF-ARINC (sliver) adapter is installed in aircraft.
  • After upgrading verify that your settings have not been altered.

Upgrading from Version 9.xx.xx or older?

Our latest software requires a USB memory stick installed in each EFIS. This USB memory stick will hold the new high resolution terrain (HRTERRAIN folder). Click for setup instructions.

Pre-loaded USB Memory Sticks Want a no-brainer solution? We have pre-loaded USB memory sticks with the latest software, map data, and terrain files for the AF-5000 Series. The simple way to upgrade your EFIS! Just plug it in, and load your data. Our easiest option yet!

What's New: AF-5000 Software Release Notes

Version Date Released Changes
Vx16.09.14-B01-TOUCH-MV16 PRERELEASE 05/20/2022

  • Adds Seattle Avionics SlingShot Support
  • Adds CAN Bus Support for UL Power engines via SV-EMS-221
  • Adds support for xCruze autopilot with new serial port function
  • Adds Calibration option to flip UP/DN on elevator trim
  • Adds Touch Button in Airport Info to sync Baro from ALTIMETER field
  • Adds support for new CPU & Touchscreens
  • Removes 'HITS DISABLED' message automatically and restricts when it's used
  • Improves knob operation when selecting checklist items
  • Updates SV-Network to V16.3.A4.9069
  • Fixes bug in METAR processing
  • Includes various bug fixes and improvements

Vx16.07.17-TOUCH-MV16 12/01/2021

  • Now Shows both GPS & VLOC status for each source when applicable
  • Fixes BTA/BTS parser problem for SL30, GNC255 & VAL2KR
  • Removes Yaw Servo Slip Warning and Beep
  • Fixed filtering that would limit number of VORs & NDBs in nearest lists
  • Fixes Airport Data Issue when runways numbers are E/W or N/S
  • Changes all Cabin/Environmental pages to show Density Altitude and OAT
  • Fixed display issues with Aithre Integrator SPO2 for variable number of sensors
  • Added Winds "CALM" designator in Metar Display
  • Adds Rotax 915iS engine option
  • Adds ENGINE->INFO pages to view ROTAX i-Series Status Registers
  • Adds Rotax ECU Register alerting for i-Series Engines

Vx16.07.15-TOUCH-MV16 10/14/2021

  • Adds warning message when servo slips occur
  • Added DMP 331 pressure sensors for TP100 engine
  • Adds SV-Autopilot altitude filter modes
  • Adds Winds and Best Runway to Airport Info Pages
  • Adds Support for CPU RevB BIOS changes
  • Fixes EGT# 2&4 not displaying with Rotax 915iS
  • Fixes AF-5400 Range knob with no map problem
  • Fixes problem with WiFi ADS-B Broadcast Selector
  • Fixes data sensitivity in Checklist file parser
  • Fixes file I/O limit that could affect maximum number of checklist pages
  • Fixes Calibration exit causing reset of Wi-Fi connections
  • Fixes Wi-Fi ssid, password and ADS-B out mode save issues
  • Fixes Traffic problems with SV-ADSB-470 receivers
  • Fixes Range Ring not staying with aircraft on Sectionals and Enroute charts
  • Updates SV-Network to V16.2.4.8648

Vx16.07.07-TOUCH-MV16 07/19/2021

  • Adds Support for ADS-B Lightning
  • Adds uAvionix Tail Beacon X transponder support
  • Adds SV-Autopilot altitude capture and hold improvements
  • Adds Support for Aithre Integrator RS-232 data streaming device
  • Adds Pulse Oximetry to the CABIN / ENVIRONMENTAL page
  • Adds TP100 Turbine CAN message support with SV-EMS-221 CAN receiver
  • Adds Vne Source to Airspeed Calibration to control Vne Tape
  • Changes LEVEL button functionality to act as a toggle for level mode
  • Changes ADS-B Traffic target count to restrict targets outside 25NM
  • Changes DTW displays to use Map units
  • Changes Checklist lines per page from 13 to 21 and pages from 19 to 99
  • Changes Landing Warning Override to use airspeed for Pitot AOA
  • Changes name to "DATALOG_SN71***_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.ALD"
  • Major performance improvements when writing to logs
  • Fixes problems with VAL 2KR Nav radio
  • Fixes problem with Seattle Avionics Airports Diagrams for non-ICAO airports
  • Fixes for Wi-Fi Client Mode
  • Fixes for Flap Overspeed warnings with flap switch
  • Fixes G-Meter Pop-Up only mode to work like documentation

Vx16.06.15-TOUCH-MV16 03/22/2021
  • Adds Calibration switch config for ACM-ECB Cabin Lights
  • Expands scanned chart support for international vendors
  • Adds Notification of invalid keys when using PocketFMS
  • Adds ability to run yaw damper without pitch and roll
  • Adds touch acknowledge for CO Guardian Warnings
  • Adds support for Automotive Engines with 6 or 8 EGTs
  • Adds Rudder Lead Support for High Adverse Yaw Aircraft
  • Adds ADS-B Ghost Traffic detection
  • Adds OBS mode support for Internal Flight plan
  • Adds High Burst Pressure part numbers for AF-EMS
  • Adds DISP button for improved screen selection
  • Changes Hobbs Time activation for Non-EMS systems from 13.0Vdc to 13.5Vdc
  • COM Radio page improvements
  • Adds warning bar notification out-of-date maps and charts
  • Adds support for Trig TY91 Headless Radio
  • Adds support to select and view temporary waypoints
  • Adds beeping AOA feature
  • Adds drawing of TFRs to Sectionals and En-route Maps
  • Adds VNE and Flaps Over-speed Audio Alerts
  • Enables one touch pan mode and first touch selection on maps,sectionals, and En-route charts
  • Updates Sportsman airplane icon and company logo
  • Adds 8.33KHz frequency spacing option COM Radios
  • Adds Support for PocketFMS Chart Selection
  • Adds Map Layer button to aid in map selection
  • Removes leading ZEROs on Airspeed and Altitude tapes
  • Increases font size on Airspeed and Altitude tapes
  • Enables HITS boxes for GPS OBS mode Navigation
  • Adds Fuel Tank Transfer option for ACMECB
  • Adds COM1_TX and COM2_TX touch buttons to the main screen Audio Panel Tab
  • Prevents NACv value from exceeding FAA approved level of 2 with AF-GPS-2020
  • Adds Support for Aithre Shield O2 Tank Pressure Sensor
  • Adds New "GDL90 / NMEA 115K" serial port function for EchoUAT
  • Adds Dynon Serial Data Outputs per Appendix E of SkyView Installation Guide
  • SkyView Version 13+ Chart Support for Seattle Avionics
  • Internal storage for High Res Terrain to free up room on USB stick
  • Dual Cue Flight Director support
  • Flight Data Systems (L2e) Ignition Timing support
  • Includes many bug fixes and usage enhancements

Vx15.01.23-TOUCH-MV16 12/12/2019

  • Fixes PDA360EX lockup issue
  • Fixes CHECK ABOUT SSD numbering to properly handle new drives
  • Fixes SET->AP/FD->MINSPD adjust only working in one direction
  • Removes Cached WX data after 8 hours of offline time or without valid clock at boot
  • Simplifies logic for determining TFR status to prevent false expired status

Vx15.01.21-TOUCH-MV16 08/22/2019

  • Fixes GPS week rollover issue for NMEA gps sources
  • Fixes missing PITCH/ROLL/HDG Adjust in SET->AHRS menu for AF-5400
  • Fixes SET->AP/FD->MINSPD adjust only working in one direction
  • Prevents NACv value from exceeding FAA approved level of 2 with AF-GPS-2020
  • Fixes data sensitivity in ADS-B Nexrad that caused Regional to not draw (EchoUat)
  • Fixes ADS-B ground stations not drawing
  • Removes MAGNETOMETER CALIBRATION message after 2 minutes

Vx15.01.19-TOUCH-MV16 07/08/2019

  • Fixes ADS-B CONUS NEXRAD not drawing
  • Fixes Missing XM Radio Volume Adjust on AF-5400
  • Improves logging for ACM-ECB

Vx15.01.17-TOUCH-MV16 06/11/2019

  • Enable High Performance Vertical Speed control for VR Turbine Aircraft
  • Fixes for AF-5400 Menu System
  • Fixes Airspeed knob adjust return from SET page
  • Changes CHECK-ABOUT page size to 50/50 split
  • Fixes CDI not working on INFTP and some MFD displays (introduced in V15.01.15)
  • Fixes SV-EMS not showing invalid when SV-EMS is lost
  • Changes Dynon Serial Data output rate to 115200 baud
  • Fixes NMEA data output rate issues

Vx15.01.15-TOUCH-MV16 05/30/2019

  • Fixes Transponder interface issues on MFD
  • Fixes for Navigator Self-Test Page
  • Fixes CDI needle only showing 60% deflection in OBS mode
  • Fixes VLOC/GPS auto-switching not working without GPS lock
  • Adds Dynon Serial Data Outputs per Appendix E of SkyView Installation Guide
  • Modifies decision point for SV-AP to use deviation instead of Roll Steering
  • Changes FMA to show GPSS for Roll Steering and GPS for deviation control

Vx15.01.13-MV16 04/25/2019

  • Fixes remote screen corruption of TANK_1 settings when saving
  • Adds Timing Advance as an option for Coolent temp input (Graphical only)
  • Fixes Airport Diagram ICON not bringing up airport when on ground
  • Fixes Slipball not moving on sixpack
  • Fixes Transponder Code Entry problems
  • Adds TAS_KNOTS to data logs (formerly TRACK_DTRUE and not retroactive)
  • Fixes for USB test
  • Fixes Stall Warning Input audio alert not repeating
  • Fixes Horsepower calibration not syncing correctly between screens

Vx15.01.11-MV16 03/28/2019

  • Fixes for USB test
  • Fixes Stall Warning Input audio alert not repeating
  • Fixes Horsepower calibration not syncing correctly between screens

Vx15.01.09-MV16 03/12/2019

  • Fixes double press needed of VS on SV-AP-PANEL
  • Fixes Middle knob changing function when using Nose UP/DN on SV-AP-PANEL
  • Fixes Menu issues when using VSPD/IAS on SV-AP-PANEL
  • Fixes Nose UP/DN button functions when in descent
  • Adds Kavlico 150psi sensor to Fuel Pressure Sensor list
  • Adds Fixes for AF-ACM-ECB to prevent power on disabled or faulted circuits
  • Adds USB Hardware test to Calibration->Admin Settings->Diagnostics
  • Fixes for AF-ACM-ECB overvoltage protection
  • Fixes CHT Save corruption of remote CHT settings
  • Adds Aithre Shield Ex Carbon Monoxide Detector support
  • Fixes for data sensitivity in METAR data parser

Vx15.01.05-MV16 01/31/2019

  • Adds smoothing filter for airspeed tape
  • Fixes ADAHRS selection issues at startup
  • Fixes GPS approach drifting off center with IFD
  • Fixes jumpy flight director for altitude hold and capture (SV-AUTOPILOT only)
  • Adds missing Airport Frequencies used in Canada to TOWER and ATC buttons
  • Fixes Engine Mode display for TP100 Turbine

Vx15.01.03-MV16 01/04/2019

  • Adds smoothing filter for airspeed tape
  • Eliminates need to un-zip maps and future software installs
  • Fixes persistant "MAGNETOMETER CALIBRATION" message when using SV-MAG-236
  • Removes automatic selection of approach plates after first plate is viewed
  • Increases Data Logging to 30 hours minimum
  • Includes various bug fixes for Vx15.01.02-MV16 release

Vx15.01.02-MV16 10/11/2018

  • Adds support for Garming G5 as a backup ADAHRS source
  • Changes color of target site for each selected ADAHRS
  • Vertical Flight planning improvements
  • Removes 'ORIGIN' and 'MISSED' points from GNAV flight plans
  • Changes AF-5700 Virtual knob layout to make it easier to use
  • Fixes EFIS/MAP/EMS/FPL double click functionality
  • Bug Fixes for Vx15.01.00-MV16 Release

Vx15.00.12-MV16 08/06/2018

  • New Flight plan back-end that fixes remote screen manipulation bugs and improves performance
  • Adds Battery Operation Mode for Output light
  • Adds 100' tick marks to Altitude tape plus some general tape cleanup
  • Adds WiFi output of ADS-B Weather via SkyView Interface
  • Fixes Logbook showing cross-country time for out and back operations
  • Fixes Runways not always visible on top down map
  • Fixes Dual Screen SV-ADAHRS Magnetometer Calibration
  • Fixes CLEAR ALARM input and changed to CONFIRM
    • - Will ack alarms when not on checklist
    • - Selects items when on checklist page
  • Adds WX overlay to Sectionals
  • Adds Support for Track Up on Sectional and IFR Enroute Charts
  • AFS Autopilot: Force transition from IAS climb mode to VSpd mode within 250' of target
    • Do not engage IAS climb mode for climbs less than 500'.
  • Addes Support for Dual SV-ARINC or combination of AF-ACM and SV-ARINC
  • Addes Restore Factory Defaults option for PDA360EX
  • Changes Map Scale to use Range Ring
  • ACM-ECM Support
  • WiFi improvements
  • Transport Canada PFD always available Support
  • ARINC-429 Graphical Flightplan (Honeywell) Support with SV-ARINC-429 adapters only
  • New SV-XPNDR firmware version 2.11
  • Bug Fixes and performance enhancements from Vx13.05.02 Release

Vx13.05.02-MV16 01/06/2018

  • Added Fix for TFR end times before begin times
  • Increased Amps Hall Shift adjust to +/-50
  • Fixed backward Compatibility issue in WX with Gen1/AF-4500 sourced from Gen2 AF-5000
  • Disabled ADSB_TRFC_LOGS (no longer used)
  • Fixed Logbook showing cross-country time for out and back operations
  • Automatically save Logbook entries when unsaved count is 200 or more
  • Fixed crashing bug with YES/NO messages when not in main menu
  • Fixes for TP100 Turbine EGT via SV-EMS

Vx13.05.01-MV16 11/01/2017

  • Added Canada XMWX support
  • Fixed missing METAR/TAFs reported in 13.04.11
  • Bug Fixes

Vx13.04.11-MV16 09/11/2017

  • Bug Fix for problem found in 13.04.10-MV16

Vx13.04.10-MV16 09/06/2017

  • Added Restore Factory Defaults option for PDA360EX
  • Fixes for SV-AUTOPILOT
  • Fixes for TIS traffic targets in Synthetic Vision
  • Changed Altitude Bug to adjust by 100' below 18000' and 500' above
  • Fixed METARs and TAFs not displaying for non-ICAO airports

Vx13.04.08-MV16 08/01/2017

  • Forced Data Logging Interval to 1 second
  • Use TAS instead of IAS for terrain coloring trigger
  • Rubber Banding Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

Vx13.04.07-MV16 07/18/2017

  • Obstacles can now be selected on map to see height
  • Backward compatibility fixes for use with AF-3000 series
  • Bug Fixes

Vx13.04.06-MV16 07/06/2017

  • Added support for SV-EMS RPM with different K-Factors on Left and Right Ignition
  • Improved user interface for SV-EMS Pin Assignments
  • Added Stewart Warner Pressure Sensors, 41105, 41205 & 41305, for SV-EMS
  • Fixed Problem with GPS/NAV data not going across network
  • Fixed WIFI FORGET button
  • Bug Fixes

Vx13.04.03-MV16 06/09/2017

  • Fixed XMWX METARs and TAFs not updating
  • Fixed EGT/CHT/TIT Calibration Page Label issues

Vx13.04.02-MV16 06/05/2017

  • Touchscreen Rubber Banding with Internal Flightplans
  • New METAR/TAF processing and display
  • Removed Liability (I AGREE) startup screen
  • Put GPS_ALTITUDE back in data logs
  • Increased touch size of airports to make then easier to select
  • Fixed Shift Adjust limits for engine calibration to allow +/-10
  • Bug Fixes

x13.03.05-MV16 05/15/2017

  • Support for SV-ADSB-472 dual band receiver
  • WiFi Client Mode for use WiFi GDL-90 format ADS-B receivers
  • Improved Touch-screen interfaces
  • SV-ADAHRS Pitot Pressure Zero Offset calibraion
  • New Buttons and Calibraion Screens look and feel
  • Increased Flight plan crossing distance from 25NM to 99NM
  • Vne barbor pole now uses IAS/MACH when MACH display is active
  • ADS-B ground stations now drawn with Radio Tower Icons
  • Fixes for PDA360 Music Volume and other bugs

Vx13.00.09-MV16 02/20/2017

  • SV-ARINC Flightplan fixes
  • Fixes for Avidyne Rubber banding
  • Fixed Auto Set of ILS inbound course from GPS course
  • Fixed Data sensitivity in AVTN serial parser
  • Added GPS_ALTITUDE to data logs

1Vx13.00.08-MV16 01/30/2017

  • SV-SERVO fixes to detect replacement servos.

Vx13.00.07-MV16 01/25/2017

  • SV-SERVO calibration fixes
  • Forced enabling of ALT, HDG, & SPD bugs when used by autopilot

Vx13.00.06-MV16 01/09/2017

  • Added Aircraft W&B for RV14, RV14A, Rans S19, S20, S7S, and CH750
  • Added Airplane Image for Falco, Glasair2, and Velocity
  • Added Vendor Logo for Rans
  • PDA360EX Audio Panel fixes and improvements
  • Fixed Calibration Column Numbering when showing 2nd & 3rd Column
  • AFS Autopilot Calibration Improvements
  • Increased Flight plan crossing distance from 25NM to 99NM
  • ADS-B Traffic fixes
  • Fixed Vne source to use IAS with invalid TAS when in TAS mode (i.e. MACH disabled)
  • Draw ADS-B ground stations with Radio Tower Icons
  • Added pilot reminder message to "SET ILS INBOUND COURSE"
  • Fixed Auto-Set of ILS Inbound Course
  • Added Aircraft W&B for RV14, RV14A, Rans S19, S20, S7S, and CH750
  • Added Airplane Image for Falco, Glasair2, and Velocity
  • Added Vendor Logo for Rans

Version Date Released Changes
Vx12.08.10-MV16 05/09/2018
  • Added SV-ADSB-472 Support
  • Fixed potential bug in ADS-B ground station draw routine
  • Fixed missing METAR/TAF from non-icao airports
Vx12.08.09-MV16 01/06/2018
  • Fixes for TAF & METAR parser issues reported in 12.08.08
  • Fixed potential bug in ADS-B ground station draw routine
  • ADS-B traffic fix to prevent ghost targets with Pathfinder
Vx12.08.08-MV16 01/09/2016
  • Fixed Auto set of ILS Inbound course
Vx12.08.07-MV16 01/09/2017
  • ADS-B Traffic Fixes.
  • Increased Flight plan crossing distance from 25NM to 99NM.
  • Added pilot reminder message to "SET ILS INBOUND COURSE".
  • Fixed VR-Turbine Fuel Computer and OAT.
  • Increased Flight plan crossing distance from 25NM to 99NM.
  • Fixed Altitude Sent to SV-ADSB-470 used for traffic filtering.
  • Fixed Auto-Set of ILS Inbound Course.
  • Added pilot reminder message to "SET ILS INBOUND COURSE".
  • Added Aircraft W&B for RV14, RV14A, Rans S19, S20, S7S, and CH750.
  • Added Airplane Image for Falco, Glasair2, and Velocity.
  • Added Vendor Logo for Rans.
  • Changed XPDR 'AFS DIRECT' to 'GENERIC'.
  • Fixed Trim and Flaps showing Red X for VR-Turbine.
Vx12.08.06-MV16 09/26/2016
  • Prevent Software Auto-Upgrade prompt for incompatible SW versions.
Vx12.08.05-MV16 09/19/2016
  • Fixed Skydive drop zones to show proper type.
  • Wx Metar data sensitivity fix.
  • WX File Transfer fix.
  • Do not send TMAP GPS Accuracy message if GGA not valid for AF-GPS-250.
  • Fixed the Shift Adjust Values not being applied for VR-EIU Engine.
Vx12.08.04-MV16 08/04/2016
  • Fixed ADS-B TFRs showing yellow for active.
  • Fixed Missing frequencies in airport info.
  • Fixed Loosing WX on remote screens.
Vx12.08.03-MV16 08/02/2016
  • Added Toggle for Traffic Audio (EFIS->TRFC SND).
  • Fixed Tank Transfer input option.
Vx12.08.02-MV16 06/20/2016
  • Fixed FADEC EMS (broken between 12.06.01 and 12.08.01).
  • Added User settable Multiplier for AUX1-5 input from GRT EIS.
  • Fixed Winds drawing on the ground.
Vx12.08.01-MV16 06/15/2016
  • Fully Compliant ADS-B support for AF-GPS-2020.
  • Updated Software for SV-XPNDR-261 Transponders.
  • Flight Plan user Interface Enhancements.
  • Added Black and White Menu option (CAL->Admin Settings).
  • New Larger Flight Director.
  • Improved Magnetometer Calibration procedure Multi-screen Installations.
  • Added Airspeed and Vertical Speed bugs to the 6-pack.
  • Inputs are now shared between screens.
  • Moved TO/FROM arrow down and changed color to match CDI.
  • Added AUX input mapping for GRT EIS on Manifold, Fuel Pressure, Tank1 and Tank2.
  • Fix for AF-GPS-250/2020 serial parser.

AF-5000 Software and Database Instructions

Version 12 Software for the AF­5000 series equipment provides all of the same great features found in Version 10 with some very nice enhancements. Among these enhancements is the use of SkyView Chart Data for $99/year from Seattle Avionics.

If you are currently using charts or sectionals in Version 10 the data you have on your USB stick will no longer work with Version 12. If you use Charts, Sectionals, or IFR Charts on your EFIS you must sign up with Seattle Avionics and download their Chart Loader Software to prepare your USB stick..

Print this page and follow the steps in the sections detailed below you will have the latest up to date software and database files available.

At the panel follow the steps below:

  1. Boot display(s) normally.
  2. Press CHECK -> ABOUT -> SYSTEM and record your current version of SW: or software below as well as your current OS: version.
  3. Press MAP and record your current version of Map File Cycle: below.
  4. Also record your current dates for Base Map File, and Very Low, Low, and Hi Res Terrain Files below.
OS Version Software Version Map Cycle Base Map Date Very Low Res Date Low Res Date High Res Date
1 or 5 OS1: X12.08.08-MV16
OS5: Vx16.06.15-MV16
2205 05/08/13 08/26/2014 08/26/2014 08/26/2014

At your computer with an internet connection follow the steps below:

  1. If your SD Card or USB Media are brand new or have not never been prepared for Advanced Flight Systems follow our Media Setup Tutorial.
  2. Download the latest software from the AF-5000 Support page to your computer.
    • Already Running Version 15.01.03 or newer: Copy the downloaded software directly to your SD card or USB media
    • Running Version 15.01.02 or older: Extract the downloaded software onto your prepared SD card or USB media.
  3. Eject the media before removing it from your computer
    • In Windows use the Windows Eject icon, in the notification area near the clock.
    • In iOS use the iOS Eject icon in Finder.
  4. If your terrain or map databases were out of date follow the 'At your computer' instructions below before moving to the panel.

At the panel follow the steps below:

  1. Boot display(s) normally.
  2. Insert the newly prepared SD Card or USB Media into the display. SD Cards will alert SD CARD READY.v
  3. Press YES if prompted to UPGRADE SYSTEM TO NEW VERSION, otherwise:
    1. Press SET then hold CAL to enter Instrument Calibration.
    2. Press SEL to enter Admin Settings.
    3. Use the Joystick to move the cursor to Upgrade System.
    4. Press SEL to enter Upgrade System.
    5. Press SEL on the appropriate media from the list presented.
  4. Wait for this software upgrade to finish and reboot.
  5. Use CHECK -> ABOUT -> MAP to verify that you have valid Base Map File, and Terrain Files. If any are missing follow the instructions below.