Installing your aircraft’s avionics and electrical system need no longer be a time consuming, complicated and frustrating experience. Each ADVANCEDPANEL includes a custom-designed instrument panel that is engineered, wired, configured, tested and ready to install. All avionics, including the aircraft's autopilot servos, trim servos and lights are all cleanly wired to the new Advanced Control Module. ADVANCEDPanels are available with both SkyView and AF-5000 series displays.

Think about your aircraft’s mission.

Are you equipping for VFR or IFR? If you want to plan a panel with a future upgrade in mind - we can do that. This usually means a VFR panel with a cutout for a future IFR navigator, or maybe a panel with a single-screen EFIS with the plan to add a second screen. We can build your ADVANCEDPANEL with this in mind.

Think about whether you prefer Advanced AF-5000 or Dynon SkyView HDX

Both systems are from our Dynon family of products and use the same “behind-the-scenes” components. If you’re not sure which system to go with, we can help you decide.

Work with our experts to customize and design your panel.

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If you need some inspiration, browse our site for examples of ADVANCEDPANELs installed in your aircraft type. We have already built ADVANCEDPANELs for RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, RV-10, RV-14, Glasair Sportsman, CubCrafters, Kitfox, and Sonex aircraft. If you fly something else, give us a call. We can likely develop an ADVANCEDPANEL for YOUR airplane. We’ll send you a quote listing all the parts (with detailed pricing) that will be included in your ADVANCEDPANEL.

Sit back and relax while we engineer, craft, and configure your panel.

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Once you have approved the design, your panel is laser-cut, powder coated and silkscreened. This process can take several weeks, during which we are building your harnesses and assembling, testing and calibrating your panel components. We also send you the components that you will need to install (engine sensors, autopilot servos, ADAHRS, etc) so that you can be ready when your ADVANCEDPANEL arrives. We’re sure you have other things to finish on your airplane. So, let us save you 100s of hours in wiring and configuration.


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Your ADVANCEDPANEL will arrive carefully packaged, along with any other components that were part of your order, ready to install in your aircraft. With it will be a detailed packing list showing each part, by part number (and serial number, when applicable), to make taking an inventory of your shipment easy. Each ADVANCEDPANEL comes with a packet of drawings, including wiring diagrams. Our ADVANCEDPANEL manual has step by step instructions for installing the components, connecting your aircraft systems (lights, boost pump, flaps, etc) and testing the system. Connect to power, pitot static, autopilot servos, and any other systems in your aircraft.

Go Fly... and send us some pictures!

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