Dedicated Knob Control Panel

SkyView was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, which is why it has eight "soft" keys and two re-assignable knobs. In busy cockpits, sometimes all you want is a knob that "just works" and always does what you expect.

The SV-KNOB-PANEL solves that issue with three knobs for the most used functions: Altimeter setting (BARO), Heading bug, and the Altitude bug. Quality, heavy-detent knobs make the Knob Control Panel a delight to use. It's also backlit, with automatic SkyView-controlled dimming for night flight. The SV-KNOB-PANEL installs easily with simple plug-n-play integration to the SkyView network - no additional aircraft wiring needed.

Horizontal Orientation


Vertical Orientation


Designed for YOUR Panel: The SV-KNOB-PANEL is available in both horizontal and vertical versions so that you can craft your perfect panel. The control panel is only 1.27" deep.

Dedicated Control Knobs For:
  • Altitude Bug
  • Altimeter Setting (Baro)
  • Heading and Track Bug
3.53" (89.7mm) x 1.80" (45.7mm) x 1.27" (32.4mm), available in vertical and horizontal versions
0.40 lb (0.18 kg)
Power Input:
Via SkyView Network