Mode-S Transponders with ADS-B Out

Installs easily with simple plug-n-play integration to the network

Lightweight TSO'd Mode-S Transponder with TIS traffic reception (US only) and 1090ES ADS-B Out. US customers should choose the SV-XPNDR-261 for 2020 ADS-B mandate compliance (requires SV-GPS-2020 or other suitable position source).

The SV-XPNDR-261 is a Class 1 transponder that can be used above those limitations. For US aircraft, the FAA 2020 ADS-B Out mandate requires a Class 1 transponder, so for US aircraft, the SV-XPNDR-261 should be installed.

Class 1, FAA 2020 ADS-B Out


Note: Antenna not included, see SkyView Installation Manual for recommendations.

Integrated: Made for the SkyView System with control and annunciation appearing on the SkyView Display. The transponder module can be mounted anywhere in the airplane that is convenient.

Traffic: Features TIS Traffic (USA).

ADS-B Out via 1090 ES: Meets USA and Europe ADS-B Out Mandates. Note, full FAA "2020 mandate" ADS-B Out compliance requires a TSO'd WAAS be connected.

Additional US ADS-B OUT Compliance Information: The FAA ADS-B "final rule" only allows the higher power Class 1 transponder to be used as an ADS-B Out transmit device for ADS-B Out mandate compliance on or after 2020. Therefore, for US customers, we recommend only the Class 1 SV-XPNDR-261.

Dynon Warranty, Support, and Service: These transponders come with a 3-year Dynon Warranty.

250 Watt; Can meet 2020 FAA ADS-B Out mandate
130 Watt: <15,000 ft, <175 knots only; cannot be used for 2020 FAA ADS-B Out mandate
Class 1 Mode S
Class 2 Mode S
ETSO 2C112b Class 1 Level 2els, ETSO C166a Class B0, TSO C112c Class 1 Level 2els, TSO C166b Class B1S
ETSO 2C112b Class 2 Level 2els, ETSO C166a Class B0, TSO C112c Class 2 Level 2els, TSO C166b Class B0
Supply Voltage (DC):
9 - 33 V
9 - 33 V
Power Consumption:
6 Watts (typical) (idle: 0.15 A, active: 0.34 A at14 V)
5 Watts (typical) (idle: 0.15 A, active: 0.28 A at 14 V)
Transmitter Power:
250 W nominal at connector
130 W nominal at connector
0.9 Lb. (400 g)
0.9 Lb. (400 g)
2.4" x 1.8" x 5.6" (62 x 45 x 141 mm)
2.4" x 1.8" x 5.6" (62 x 45 x 141 mm)

Connections: The SV-XPNDR-26X connects to a serial data line on each SkyView Display.

TNC Connector: The TNC connector is not supplied by Dynon. Specification: Dual Crimp RG142-400 AMP Male.

Mounting: At only 1 pound and 5.6" by 1.8" by 2.4", the transponder module can fit into the tiniest places and aircraft. A quick release mounting system allows for simple installation and easy removal if needed for service.