Network Cables

Prefabricated cables interconnect SkyView Network components to make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible. These connect displays, ADAHRS, EMS, ARINC, COM radio, and Knob & AP control panels. Displays also have their own color-coded harnesses available, as do EMS sensor kits.

Our Network cables are all straight-through 9-wire cables, made of aircraft quality Tefzel wiring to insure quality and safety.

They contain:

  • Two sets of twisted wire pairs for two SkyView Network connections (for redundancy)
  • Two sets of 8V Power and Ground wires (for redundancy)
  • One 12 Volt wire
  • (Note: The SV-NET-SERVO has seven wires, and the power and ground wires are a larger gauge to carry the larger current requirements of the servos.)